03 450, Not changing gears anymore whilst on the back wheel

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? and what can I do to fix it. I have had this bike since it had 500km's on the clock. its now got 6300kms, and when I do a mono and change gears i get to thrid and she dosent want to shift to 4th, sometimes it does, but most of the time now it doesnt want to, also does in from 4th to 5th



geez steady, hope someone can help.

cant have something standing between a good mono

a wheelie in 5'th gear, wow, my WR won't do one in third, youre lucky. hope you get it fixed.

MountainMax your WR will mono in 5th

every wr will mono in 5th

the problem is the loose nut behind the handlebars

I guess im just not KRAZY enough Y-E-T........

sorry guys didnt mean to come across cocky, but just wondering thats all

3rd and 4th gear mono's are easy to achieve on a properly set-up 450. Mine is an '05 but that shouldn't make any difference, the power of a properly uncorked and jetted WR450 is awesome !!


no it didnt come across cocky, i just dont know anything about the bikes internals and would hate not being able to mono.

maybe if you could describe more of what is happening, someone who does know may be able to help.

does it only happen on the back wheel?

does the lever lock up or still move a little?

does it do anything out of the ordinary in normal riding?

hope you get it sorted.

sorry i cant help

Took me awhile to figure out in a post in the Husqvarna section that what I call a wheelie Aussies call a mono

My only guess, would be that there could be something wrong with your shift fork?


If you look at this pic, you`ll see the complete drivetranny, and shiftforks.. Sorry, but i think you have to crack it open to find whats wrong..

Mine shifts 1-5gear without any problems ever when doing a wheelie.. This summer i`m going to practice to gear down again, slowing down the speed with the front in the air that is :crazy: Always fun to learn new things!


When ridding the bike on two wheels it shifts perfectly. I usually don't use the clutch, (just back off the throttle and change gears), but when ridding on the road i use the clutch.

When doing a wheelie I change up gears by backing the throttle off enough to change the gear, when I go for 4th it feels like the lever wont click up, ill try again and back off allot more and still wont get in there. I change oil every 300kms to 500kms, air filter every ride. Very strange cause it doesn't do it all the time, but is getting worse, I thinking its an age thing.

here is a pic of me ages ago chucking a mono (wheelie) some might member it


This summer i`m going to practice to gear down again, slowing down the speed with the front in the air that is Always fun to learn new things!

yes, i'm trying to work on that one.

been practicing on a hill...got me buggered

still, i'll keep trying.

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