This forum is great!

I have been posting a lot in the last week or so and just wanted to thank everyone who has so patiently answered all of my questions.

I am still in the search for a perfect '02 YZ426. I have looked at a number of bikes but none of them have been "just right". I saw an '01 this morning that was pretty clean, the guy had all his records which was nice. There was some rust on the bottom of the frame and it looked like oil was leaking from the frame drain bolt (probably just needs to replace the washer?)

Anyway, I really want an '02 so I wasn't going to settle for an imperfect '01.

Thanks again for everyone's help!

I have an 02 426 that I may be selling very soon, I am having back surgery and it will be at least a year before i can ride again. get me an email address to send some pics for you. my bike may be one of the cleanest around. and i have the stock exhaust, a big gun system and a fmf T14 titanium system also. plus a spare front and rear wheel.

No problem and welcome to TT.

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