2005 wr throttle stop

do i need to do the mod or not, all info on here that i can find that is points to 250/400/426. if so any pictures and lenghts etc. would be ace!

sorry if i am asking old and boring stuff!! :crazy:

i have done the airbox and AIS. exhaust and grey wire, thanks to this site, and yes it did make a massive difference, the main ones being the grey wire and exhaust.




The most straightforward solution is to purchase and install the 2005 YZ450 throttle stop. Part number is 5NL-14591-00-00 according to a previous post.


thanks guys, i will check which one i have got and go from there, i will order the YZ part anyway.

before i start is it easy to find, as i said earlier all i can find are links for 250, 400's and 426's. is it in the same place under the metal cover as in i have to remove it and i will find it?

i know, i know, you have all done it, its easy! but so is rocket science to a rocket scientist!!

You don't need to remove amy covers to get to the t-stop screw.

Look at the bottom of the section that the cable is routed to . I found access was easier from the left side from in front of the rear tire.

ok on the case tonight!!! :crazy:

ace just done it! found the screw which was fitted was already cut! it must have been done by the dealer. it measures 22m total length. i suppose it is fully open then!

The YZ throttle stop is 23.5 mm, 22mm may be a little short! :crazy:

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