New WR450 owner!

Hey guys well I did it I sold my buell Ulysses and got me an 05 450 with dirt and motard rims! I love it wheelis awesoem and it's fast! I just havea few question for you first is gonna sound dumb, but where and how do you check the oil? ( the manual is on order) second i have soem surging during about 50% throtle how can I get rid of this? Thanx guys !


There's a pic with the SM trim ( btw this bike is 10000 times more fun than that heavy buell)

Looks great ! I'll really like to try one of those out. You just don't see them much in the states... yet...

We're always last .


you have one bike very pretty.

you can say to me that it marks is the Rear Fender.

It has thus? or have added you to him the support where go the lights?

tks :crazy:

JNV I am having trouble understanding what you are asking?? I actulyl don't know what the tail is, but the light kit is a baja designs (I think)

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