The Wife Gave Me The Thumbs Up!!!

New Bike!!!


Vrooom, Vrooom!!!...SC


1300 or 1800?

1800 of I look like a chick?...SC

It is so obvious, your a spoiled brat!!!

I was just kidding offcourse. What a nice bike :crazy:

Eish, nice!

Eish, nice!


I have not heard "Eish" for such a long time, but it still has the desired effect :crazy:

Very cool ! Did you pick it up yet?

Mine did and I didn't give her a chance to change her mind!

Went straight out the door and off to the dealers!

Enjoy the new ride!

Oh and be nice to the missus ;P just for a few days!

It will make a nice addition to your family im sure. My toy count is now up to 9 :crazy:

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