Pictures: hot springs dirt bike trip.

The crew:

Marty{1995 xr250r}, Scott{2002 drz400e}, Ruan{1995 xr600r}, Me{2004wr450f}, and Mark the mad man {2005 950 adventure}


Friday night we set up camp in one of Robs construction sites.


Here are Robs current toys. a baby and a WR on the way. congrats on both!!!


Here is us finding a dead end trying to leave the urban sprawl.



scrap steel soon i would guess.




Looking south down the lake.



Marty on the move!


Here is the first set of springs we went to.



Sat night camp.


This Ruan looking not too ****ing impressed!!! some time between midnight and 7am some ****ing cock sucking rednecks stole the xr250r and the 600r.

The 250 was found about 150m down the road pushed into a small river. The 600 was long gone. the ****ers who did it left lots of footprints, tracks, and one of them dropped there cell phone. fully charged.

*************Stolen early morning pf April 30th******************

1995 xr600r.

VIN# JH2PE04205M000093

Mostly black plastic, pro taper bars, trick dual sport kit, ktm front fender, trial tech computer.

if you see this xr600r please call the RCMP or your local police!!

*************Stolen early morning pf April 30th******************


Marty bump starting his bike after it spend the night in a river.


Called the guy who dropped his cell phone. but he wasn't willing to bring the bike back. had had aether gotten smart and denied everything or was just a lackey loading the bike into the truck. hard to say.

So we went to the RCMP to see if they could help. The officer we did the report with was cool {and a dirt biker} but he couldn't do anything other then "look into it". basically we would have had to seen it happen to get the guy busted. but if we had seen it we would have stopped, good bye 600 :crazy:.



Ruan sadly left the crew for a ride home in a car. so the 4 bikes remaining set off to the next hot springs.

Sunday camp. 2m from the pools.



55-60c waterfall.


Smaller one {45c?} coming from a 10cm hole in the bank.



Skinny white kids in hot water.


monday morning riding back up to the logging road.






getting a shower of rocks and mud from 100hp and a 140 tire.


Last rest of the day.



top pics simon, looks like a top ride.

now to these pricks who nicked the bike.

i would be for calling all the numbers stored in the mobile phone in an 'attempt to find the owner' so that it can be returned, as not everyone in his phone memeory will be aware or in on the fact he has knocked off a bike.

if you can ascertain his address, follow him from his home to his work(if he works) then approach him. the threat of his employers finding out hes a thief may make him a little more cooperative.

then turn up at his house. make sure you have the guys in the photos with you.

do the police have his details from the phone?

please keep us informed on the progress here as the mobile phone is a great clue to work from. you should get the bike back.

good luck


F***ing thiefs.

If that ever happens to me so help me god ill live on the guys front lawn until he tells me where the bike is. Other than the as*hole thiefs, it looks like an amazing trip where exactly was this at???

excellent account of your trip and great pics to show us Aussies another side of the world .. sorry for the f*$#ers if/when you identify them !!

: where exactly was this at???

north east of Vancouver BC. pm me for more info.

Looks like such a great ride. To have it ruined by some thiefs :ride:

even out in the middle of nowhere, your bike can disapear I hope you find them and make them pay dearly, goodluck

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