Just got back from my ride, and this bike is so fast.

After putting her back together I was really worried if she would have the power from before. And oh my, hold on tight, it ****ing screams. I was shootinging roost 30 ft in the air.

I bet the 426 will blow the doors off the 450 :ride:

Oh ya, I draged this cr 500, and we was tied with power, except his was more eratic :crazy:

It was a great day for a ride and really cool that I had the fastest out of 15 riders :ride:

cool man...my 426 is still in lots of little plastic boxes at the moment :ride: ....ive only got 2 days riding out of it before it whent bang!!

oh well its on its way to getin put back togehter and its gonna kick a$$ :crazy:

I bet the 426 will blow the doors off the 450 :lol:


Ya thats why all the pros are on the 426 :crazy::ride:

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