XR650R Airbox to Air Filter Seal?

Hey BRP Pilots,

As you know the XR650R airbox and filter are a little funky and don't seem to seal perfectly sometimes. :cheers:

I want to be 100% sure NO DUST gets through to the engine.

Right now I use a Uni filter with water-soluble No-Toil filter oil. I also use No-Toil's "grease" for the outside edge of the filter. But, that new blue No-Toil filter grease stuff isn't very greasy. It's very watery and doesn't seem to seal real well. :ride:

So, what's the cure? :crazy:

I just bought some multi-purpose grease from the hardware store to slap on the crack between the airbox and the outside of the filter. But it's NOT WATER SOLUBLE so it doesn't make sense to use No-Toil anymore! Looks like I'm going back to cleaning my air filter with GAS. :ride:

Anybody have a better product or idea? Water-soluble would be nice, but the end goal is to be 100% sure the engine doesn't inhale any dust. :lol:

buy some real thickw weather stripping place it all around the opening to ensure a air and dust tight seal

If you're going back to conventional oil for the air filter, you've got a lot of choices. Uni has their air filter oil in both spray and liquid. Maxima FFT air filter oil is a terrific product to check out if you're shopping.

PC Racing makes a nice air filter weather strip specifically for the XR650R, but it's a bit pricey. It works well with conventional air filter oils, but the alcohol carrier in the No Toil filter oil can attack the PC Racing seal.

Weather strip, eh?

I've seen the PC Racing thing.

Seems like it's easier to just use multi-purpose grease to seal up the crack, oil based filter oil and then just clean it all with gas.

I wish No-Toil had a better rim grease so this would be a non-issue.

ehh just go to home depot and get some weather stripping should be all good after that

I feel your pain man... I had to rebuild my BRP because of lack of filter sealing...

What I'm doing now that seems to be working, is taking axle grease, the thick stuff, and smearing it all around the edges of the box where the filter mates the box. Seems to be working so far, and my box is staying grit free.

Bel Ray makes a good grease that is thick and works great.

You might look for a calcium based grease. I hate the way some multi grease cleans up, what a pain. As long as your just using it as a seal the calcium grease should be fine and is a snap to clean up at change time.

I hear ya Thumpmeister,

I'm being pro-active so that doesn't happen to me.

So I'm going to use the THICK axle grease or Bel-Ray stuff so I'm 100% sure NO DUST is getting through.

Git 'er done! :crazy:


Aqua Lube grease works very well for sealing the af to the airbox. If you cant find it lmk and I will help you out.

Bel Ray makes a good grease that is thick and works great.

I second the Bel Ray water proof grease I also use PJ1 Spray on air filter oil. Everything looks ok when I take off to reclean and oil. No dirt seams to get past them. I have a Uni filter. :crazy:

I am using a Twin Air and cage,have siliconed around the edge of the cage to the air box,it does work but i would not do it this way again.

Something is jacked up with your filter fit. I use the stock filters with a small bead of squeeze tube white grease and I never find dirt or grit in the airbox. I apply the grease to the filter and usually only at the portion around the clip, about 3-4 inches from the corner of the filter. Some days my bike is in nothing but dust, the filter will be black but no grit past it. There have been a couple of occasions while riding in the dunes that a bit of sand was found in the airbox. I just make sure if I'm in the sand, I prep with a bit more grease.

cleaning grease off the filter and box is a hastle I'm willing to go through versus tearing the motor down. Good "PEACE" of mind.

I just bought a twin air filter and cage, and I'm concerned about it sealing up also. The entire cage goes inside the filter and is completly covered so when I install in there is a layer of filter between the cage and the inside of the air box. I used there oil and that stuff is pretty sticky stuff, I guess I could see how this could create a good seal because the foam is squished between the two hard surfaces, but I would love to be 100% because I just got finished a rebuild.

I have been hammering my Y2K 650R solid since I bought it new. I have never had the engine apart and I am winning races with it now.

Unless you have nothing but time, you are wasting your time with grease. I use a PC Racing Pro-Seal on an XR's Only screen and I have nearly the whole time. I use only filters by Ready Racing and I throw them away (though you can clean them). I have some UNI's but I rarely use them because as much as I change the filter, I don't have time for the parts washer, soap and water and GREASE!

I have heard negative comments about the Ready Racing filter. It's all BS. I have ridden and raced them everywhere and I have never found one spec inside my airbox. I just finished the Cal City G.P.#2, one of if not the dustiest race I have ever been in. There is nothing in the airbox.

It takes me 3 minutes to change my filter and the Pro-Seal lasts for two years (I change it then but it looks as good as new).

Trust me, they work.

Hey biggums do you mean inside the filter or in the airbox because,if it goes in the filter i've been doing it wrong.

I didn't read the directions,.

...I have heard negative comments about the Ready Racing filter. It's all BS...

I think where the negative comments stem from is that Ready did have a problem with some of their filters tearing (on the CRF's) at one time (last year), but they've since increased the silicone content to make their filter more resistant to tearing. Also, their customer service is great for the most part based on what I've heard from other peoples experiences who have dealt with them.

I like the concept behind the low cost pre-oiled Ready filters and they're designed to be washed 0 to 3 times before they're tossed, if you want to bother with washing them. They use a high quality air filter oil (Maxima FFT) and come with a pair of gloves. The foam isn't as durable as other filters, but it's not designed to be. I too like the concept and think it has a place in this market.

I've also had good luck with the PC Racing Pro Seal when used with standard air filter oils, but I do know that No-Toil's alcohol carrier will attack this seal in due time.


Yeah I ment in the filter. Thats the only way I can see them going together. then the filter complety covers all edges of the cage. I didnt get directions with mine, but I dont see any other way it could work. I think my part number was 150601 for the filter and 150601c for the cage.

Man you are right, www.off-road.com/dirtbike/reviews/twinair_xr650/

Have to rip the silicoon out now,the pictures didn't show up on my other computer so i didn't get a vis on it.Feel like a nerd.


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