XR650R Airbox to Air Filter Seal?

I run a Uni foam filter, but have had problems with the way the filter(stock one also) seals in the narrow little channel all the way around the filter. I use a small pocket screwdriver to gently tuck in the outer edge of the filter into that channel, and use a silicone grease to seal things up. The silicone grease will not harm the eliment, or anything else, is waterproof, but will clean up fairly easy.

This system has kept inside of the airbox dry, and not a hint of dust.

Buy a K&N Air filter and use bel-ray waterproof grease to seal it. K&N is more free flowing because you don't need the backfire screen. Johnny Cambell runs a K&N in his Baja winning XR650.

Buy a K&N Air filter and use bel-ray waterproof grease to seal it. K&N is more free flowing because you don't need the backfire screen. Johnny Cambell runs a K&N in his Baja winning XR650.

Johnny Campbell also gets a fresh motor every race he does. As far as I know Campbell runs a stock Honda filter, but don't quote me on that. K&N's are NOT good air filters for off-road machines, IMO. Better flow=more particles let in. Get a UNI, seal it up good w/ grease or this pro seal others have spoke of and be done with it.

...Johnny Cambell runs a K&N in his Baja winning XR650.

I believe it was in the 1999 Baja 1000 where the XR650R that Johnny Campbell & Tim Staab rode used the K&N air filter and I recall ORC reviewing Campbell's bike in mid 2000 and it had a K&N then as well, but I don't know how much it was used after that. I also recall Team Honda's air filter badly clogging up in 99 when Campbel & Staab raced.

Over the last several years, the team Honda bikes I've seen in the pits at various races or while practicing were using the stock Honda air filter. I've also run into Johnny Campbell and other team Honda riders several times over the years while practicing in the desert and I've asked him questions about his bike and I recall him telling me his air filter was stock Honda. Also, in articles where Johnny has been quoted, including articles featuring him from Team Honda, they clearly state that the stock Honda air filters are used. Here's one source...


"An HRC Power-Up Kit (available through all Honda Dealers, Part Number 06130-NLB-010) is the star of this show, but many times the team will elect to use only a portion of the kit. The kit’s heavy-duty clutch springs, cam chain (plus corresponding sprockets and tensioner), high-performance cam and appropriate jetting (as well as additional breather holes in the airbox cover—though the stock filter and backfire screen are retained) are used for all events . The kit also includes specs for an exhaust system, and Pro Circuit’s full T4 system complies and is used by the team. "

Just went for a ride with the Twin air cage inside the filter and the seal is excellent so Bigfangs you hit it on the head good call ,now i am going for a ride nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Breakfast first nost important meal of the week ya know.

I have not noticed a problem with my K&N. I clean it around every 300 offroad miles (I like the top performance), and I give it a quick shot of oil before I load up each ride. I've never seen any dust in my airbox, just some oil residue.

I've seen many picuters of Johnny Cambell's bike, and most of them sport an K&N sticker. I don't know for sure, so sorry if that was an inaccurate statement.

I woudn't say it's innacurate because maybe he still uses a K&N from time to time, but he definitely did use one early on based on what I've read and the pics I've seen. There should be no problems when using the K&N or any brand name filter as long as they're properly installed & serviced. K&N tech support does however recommend a 100 mile service interval when their filter is used in desert racing applications, but I'm sure it's just a general recommendation since some filters may need service sooner while most can probably go a lot longer.

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