Carb Set up! Backwards choke :-S

Hi guys,

iv just rebult my bike after an engine rebuild and am having problems with he engine idling to high,

checked all hoses and joints and cant find a air leak!, also checked idle screw and cables.

and allso tried the fuel without much luck, but get this,

the bike runs absolutley perfect with the choke on, idles right, revs right.

knock the choke off and it idles high!,

also wont start from cold with the choke on!

its like its the wrong way around! ... any ideas?

cheers guys

A couple of things to consider:

Did you change the jetting?

Did you have the carb slide OUT - perhaps it is upside down, relatively common.

Check the manual for propper way up.

I would also re-check for air leaks.

That is all I can think of for now?

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