Pro Circuit exhaust ?

I am planning on putting on a different exhaust on my bike. I am trying to decide between the Pro Circuit T-4 or the 496 or possibly the White Bros E2. Is anyone familiar with any of the above exhausts? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on ordering one in the next few days. One other question that I have on the Pro Circuit exhausts is how much noisedifference is there between the T-4 and the 496? I am in the process of changing my bike over to SuperMoto. This bike will be mostly used for street until I am able to get back to AK.

Thanks for any ideas,


I have the Pro circuit T-4 I have been very happy with it. I ride dual sport in Phoenix AZ. So I prefur a loud pipe. The cars that are beside you tend to hear it and know you are there when you are in there blind spot. What is the difference between them I can't tell you. It has been a very durable and good looking exhaust. :crazy:

well i got an E-2 and with the stock tip i can tell you thing is loud as well but im looking to go with a supertrapp i've always loved that sound if your interested i can sell you my E2 for a reasonable price just give me a PM

I have the T4 on my XRL and it's pretty loud. Not as loud as all those American made V-twins you see all over the place but loud enough that folks on the street know you're there.

They're all quieter than a Harley with straight pipes. The T4 just evens out the power and weighs less than the stock pipe. If I remember the dyno showed just a upward trend with no spikes or flat spots. But that is info from a pipe shootout that was done in 2000, just like the bike the T4 probably hasn't changed either.

I am also looking into the PC T4 for my dual sport 650r. looks great and i hear there will be a bottom end power loss. I have a question. Does the T4 have a spark arestor? I dont want to start a fire.

20 dollars for the spark arrestor The bike has so much power you won't notice any bottom end power loss.

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