00' 426 vs. 03' 450

I've had my 426 for a year now and I've loved it. But I rode my buddy's 03' 250f the other day and it was so much easier to handle. Turning was a breeze and the suspension felt so much better on jumps. Bottom line, I felt much more comfortable on his bike (2nd time riding it) verses my bike (ridden non-stop for a full season).

I am getting an 06' in a sometime in 07', but I'm thinking about getting an 03' to hold me over until I can get the 2006. Do you guys think it would be worth it?

Is there a big enough difference between the 00' and the 03'??


I can say about '02 426 and '04 450: the difference is not that great. Save your money for the '06 and feel the real difference.

I like mine a lot, and I'm thinking I'm going to get Junior an '04 of his own pretty soon. But if you buy one on a temporary basis, just be aware that the market for them is a little slow, and they take some time to sell fro any kind of a price.

I had both the '00 YZ426 and '03 YZ450, 4000 miles on the '00 and 3500 on the '03.

Big difference.

I weighed both bikes (same scale, same day even) with no gas and similar bars, pipe, damper, etc, the 450 was 16lbs lighter. That's a big difference. Power and handling was quite a bit better, the 450 just reacts much faster which is what makes it harder to ride than the older 426's. The only thing I wasn't thrilled with on the 450 was the forks.

I would still wait until you can afford an '06, by far the best bike I've ever ridden.

I've had my '01 426 for over 5 years now. It's been reliable, and I thought it handled great and had lots of power. That is until I bought the 50 Year anniversary '06 YZ450F.

There's no comparison. The 450 is so much lighter, turns so much easier, and has so much more power. I didn't know I was at such a disadvantage in motocross until now. :crazy:

Interesting. I'm thinkin' I'll just wait for the 06' then. It's gonna be hard though....

I'd say to just hold out as well. The 426 is plenty enough bike to get you by until your '06. It's not like you are sitting w/o anything in the meantime.

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... I bought the 50 Year anniversary '06 YZ450F.

I didn't know I was at such a disadvantage in motocross until now.

You'll have to change your SN to "Speedy" :crazy:

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