06 ride review

WOW!!!!!!! Man do i love this thing. It is by far the BEST bike i have ever riden. It corners soooo well, has amazing power, feels so light, jumps wonderful, the suspension is incredible and it is just so good i cant wait until next week to ride it again :ride::ride::lol::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

anybody that is debating getting a YZ, go for it you wont be dissappointed! :crazy:

I 2nd that.

I am bummed we got rained out today,,,, :crazy:

I 2nd that.

3rd that!

It is a great bike, even though i ride HONDA, i rode dunefanatics bike and man it is VERY nice. :crazy:

just installed Applied Racing's 27mm upper/lower triple clamp/bar mount kit, Michelin MH3's(front/rear) EBC 280mm front brake rotor,...man! what a difference. i love the way this bike handles now. it turns soooo much better. the front end does'nt wash out anymore. as for the brake rotor, nice feel. stops better...best mods for the $ spent :crazy:

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