Engine Tick/knock

Check that counterbalancer! All you need to do is pull the stator cover and rock the counter balancer. IF it rocks and clacks then you found the culprit.

It's a easy fix. Costs about a buck to fix. I had to do it on my 2000.

If the key shears your motor is toast immedeately.

I'm convinced it's not the counter ballancer. It ticked a little before I tore it down to change the piston rod, and it was fine, and the tick was still there afterwards. Plus when I listen really closely at different spots with the tube I have (I use it like a stethoscope) I don't really get any different noise. The tick I hear comes from the clutch cover. I get a little noise listening to the surfaces on the front of the motor but it's not what I'm hearing. I'll check it when I tear the bike down for my pre-ride inspection (prior to my week long 800mi single track "adventure"). I think I'm good for now, but I'm not ignoring that. :crazy: I just have to decide to not be lazy and tear the cover off. :ride:

Interestingly enough...., my 99 WR 400 seems to have a small ticking that I am now noticing as well. I must say however, I recently put a PMB insert in the stock pipe which has quieted the exhaust down a lot. It is possible the noise was always there and I just couldn't hear it due to the loud pipe. Good to hear most folks think it is normal for these babies to tick. I have not noticed any excessive vibration so I guess I will just keep on truckin!

Another thought...., I know a street bike Will develop a tick if the exhaust gaskets are leaking. Whereas I must loosen the header pipe to get to the oil filter, it could be the exhaust gasket is due to be replaced.


I'm thinking that might have something to do with it too. I've been running an FMF Q that I fought to keep together last year and finally said screw it sometime in the summer so it was really loud. Now with a stock muffler and a GYT-R insert it's a lot quieter, so maybe I'm just noticing it now. I don't remember hearing the ticking when I got the bike (it had the stock exhaust) but maybe that's just because I wasn't "in tune" with the bike yet. :crazy:

OK well I was bored so I decided to check on the counter ballancer... Turns out it's OK. There is just a tiny bit of play which I would expect to see because you have to have clearances in the motor when it's cold so it doesn't bind up when it gets hot. :crazy:

Had the same prob with my RM250, it just got worse until the engin jamed.

Turned out to be the big-en bearing that was going, the one at the crank, which cost me a whole engin rebuilt.

Just my 2cent

The 400s also have small end bearing issues. I replaced my rod with a 426 rod when I rebuilt it.

my big end bearing failed randomly and completely, i had no abnormal engine noises prior to the event, then it locked up, when freed up the engine would start and lock again, the rest of the motor is fine, the cranks gone to have a prox rod fitted. i have NO small end bearing? just gudgeon pin??? 1999 wr400f

Yeah there is no wrist pin bearing, just the chromed surfaces on the wrist pin and rod. I have a Pro-X rod in my motor too. I know it's making more noise than when I got it, I'm convinced of it. So I've decided I'm just going to tear it appart after memorial day weekend and go through it. If I can't find anything wrong, great. Other wise I hope to fix it. In either case I should be able to quit worrying. :ride:

I found out what the problem is. Turns out that the springs in the gear on the back of the clutch basket are getting worn out and a little loose. One, maybe tw of them can be moved with your fingers and will rattle when you shake the clutch basket (when it's off the bike). Nothing to really worry about at this point, so I'm VERY relieved that I figured this thing out.

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