Best Battery ??

I think my battery in my WR450 died today :crazy: . whats the best..longest lasting battery for these bikes ? part # to please. :ride:

I don't know which is the best but be sure the replacement is able to lay on its side. A standard battery is for uprite use only.

Ya and expect to shell out some cash there not cheap because they are gasless which means they are totally sealed!

Get a replacement from Yamaha and at the same time buy a battery tender and you won't have any more battery troubles. Just keep it hooked up to the battery tender while it is sitting in the garage.

I saw a old post where someone found a replacement at auto zone for around $40 :crazy:

has anybody been able to find the (Now mythological) AutoZone part number? I've been searching adn reading every post about batteries I can find for 2-3 hours now and have not came up with it. I've came across several people who have seen it before.

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