Break in. Which method?

After searching the forums and coming up blank, i thought I'd ask, which method of break in is best for a brand spakin new engine. The manuals say take it easy and not be to hard on the gas the first hundred miles or so. But after looking at a recommended site by a TT member,, he recommends just the opposite. So, which is better in the long run? I haven't heard much on the "hard" method. Has anyone done both to similar bikes? I want the most of out of a new WR450F since there $$$$$.

Also, what weight of oil and brand do you run the first 2000 miles?



I come from a dragracing background and the way you break any race engine in is to go race. Theres something to be said for it breaking in under the conditions that it is going to be subjected to its whole life. This method has never let me down and I have never seen a new motor eat a ring or something stupid because of a hard breakin. Just my two cents, some will agree some wont...

With my new bike I am certainly trying to break it in hard. I have done the same with both my new cars and they seem to be just as reliable as friends gentley broken in cars and if anything they seem to be able to offer higher performance.

As long as the engine is warm, you are using good oil (and enough oil), coolant is right and the engine is running correctly (ie not too lean or rich) then hammer it.

Just ensure you do not overheat the engine, and you don't sit at the same RPM for ages and ages. Work the engine through it's ENTIRE range.

funny thing this.

as i grew up, i was always told to break in engines slowly and carefully, but two friends bought identical cars with almost the same k's on it. one belonged to a pensioner, the other had belonged to a guys on his p plates (17-19y/o). the one that had been caned by the young bloke went like the clappers and the oldies car was a slug, go figure......

What do those guys who write them manuals know anyway?

Ride it like you intend to ride it and change the oil after the first 5 or so hours.

I bought a brand new crf230 for my girlfriend and ran it hard and changed the oil after the first 20 miles and that bike is very strong does not burn oil at all. I have done this method on all my cars and they have all lasted longer than they should. my .02

Thanks for the input guys

Break it in the same way you plan to ride it :crazy:

on my r6 i broke it in by the book. on my 06 wr450 im going to try the MotoMan break-in method.


on my r6 i broke it in by the book. on my 06 wr450 im going to try the MotoMan break-in method.


My buddy also has an 04 R6.

I plan on riding the wr450 when i get it in the street/trail so ill push it hard for break in. I wish he had more trails open to motorcycles and atv's in wisconsin. :crazy:

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