yz426 fork seal leak

i have been riding my 426 for about 1 or 2 months now, and i have noticed my right seal is leaking a little bit. i dont have the money for a new seal.. is there anything that i can do to fix this? :crazy:

Pull the dust seal down. Get a good business card or some kind of thin plastic like a credit card. Run a corner between the inner fork tube and the seal. That should clear out any dirt you might have stuck in there. Clean up the oil that comes out. bounce the fork by hand up and down several times. Clean the oil a few times and see if it drys up. It should work unless the seal is just worn out or there is something else causing the leak.

A piece of 35mm film works very well for cleaning the seals. I have fixed some pretty bad leaks by cleaning the seal. A strip of 35mm is a permanent fixture in my tool kit now. Hope this helps.

It's also worth mentioning here that you should never take your bike out dirty from the ride before. My son just learned that lesson this weekend. If you put your bike away without cleaning it thoroughly there might be mud on the fork tubes that dries overnight. It'll stick hard by the next day and the dust seals won't be able to clear it off, thus the grit goes up past the seals and starts your leak. A business card does work well to solve the problem as chrisn6104 mentioned.

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