YZF 426 Hard to shift into first

I've got an 02 cherry 426 with about 50 hours on it. I noticed on my last ride that it was hard to get it to shift into first gear. I would down shift after stopping and it would sometimes click into first after I started to let the clutch out. Is this a common problem with the 426's?

Try an oil change

Fresh oil. I'm thinking it might be the clutch.

I would look at the clutch basket and the clutch hub.

Do I need to disassemble the whole clutch? What am I looking for in such a new clutch - something warped?

Do I need to disassemble the whole clutch? What am I looking for in such a new clutch - something warped?

Pull the clutch cover and the pressure plate. Then remove all the fibers and metals. Your looking for grooves in the outer basket where the fiber plate tabs rub the basket. On the inner hub your looking for grooves where the metals plates rub. Check it out and see what it looks like. :crazy:

there is one larger inside diameter clutch plate that is stacked against the pressure plate. It sounds to me that it might not be in the proper position. If it is in the wrong position, the clutch will drag. Check it out

If you are saying that it is hard to shift into first at a standstill, but works OK underway, clutch drag will not cause that. Quite the opposite, in fact, but a clutch that releases completely, allowing the mainshaft to come to a complete stop, can produce the symptoms you listed. It's like trying to shift a bike that's not running. The trans actually depends on a small amount of clutch drag to spin one half of the gear set so that the locking dogs can get between each other without having to rock the bike fore and aft.

That being said, I believe that it is extremely unlikely that your clutch releases that well, so what I suspect is that something may be causing an excess of internal drag on the mainshaft, and bringing it to a stop. What that might most likely be is a bad bearing, probably the one on the left end of the shaft. While you are checking the clutch out, see if the mainshaft spins freely with the bike in neutral.

My 02 426 got so the clutch would not fully disengage and would creep forward in 1st with the clutch pulled in. I opened her up and put the calipers to work. Everything was in spec but just in case I replaced the clutch plates. The friction plates were great - not too many hours on this bike - and the springs were in spec. The outer bearing was smooth as was everything else. The guys at the yama shop said a stretched clutch cable that was getting weak could cause the clutch to not disengage which is obviously what is happening here.

So, after all that it shifts better but I still feel some friction between gears. There is nothing else to adjust. Maybe I should switch from Shell Rotella to Motul synth and see what happens????? :thumbsup:

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