Best Carb for the money for XR 600?


I need some help picking a carb for my 94 XR 600

The bike runs great I have it rejetted uncorked with a WB pipe. The problemis that it will stall while idleing at a stop light. Light turns green and I need to kick her.

I think it is a carb issue. Off road It would not be a issue.

Thank you

Not saying that a carb will not help your bike run better, but when I had idle issues, it wasn't the carb. I needed my head rebuilt as a few of the valves , and seats, were bad. It would start and run OK, but as it got hot it would die at idle. This was off road though. It was especially bad when going down very steep downhills.

Best carb for the money is the stock one, with an aftermarket choke plate.

where can i get a after market choke plate?

The Bike only stalls in neutral or with the clutch pulled in

Best carb for the money is the stock one, with an aftermarket choke plate.

are you saying the choke plate helps performance? i thought it was just for safety

It's for safety. The stock one is prone to breaking off and getting sucked into the engine. Mine was just about to break off when I looked at it. I just removed the choke completely. A little harder to start when it's cold (under 50). Since I've been able to start it so far this year, I'm just going to leave it out. Maybe it helps a bit on the very top end, less obstruction to the air flow.

As far a stalling goes, turn up the idle a bit. If it doesn't idle well and then suddenly goes to high revving as you turn up the idle screw, the problem is most likely some crap in the slow speed fuel circuit. Could be in the jet, mixture screw, or just in the passages. Get some carb cleaner and blast out those passages. Check for air leaks too. Start the bike and spray the carb cleaner at the rubber boot between the engine and the carb. If the idle speed increases when you spray, it has an air leak.


I have checked for air leaks and found none. Also turning up the idle does not seem to help to much. It still does it not as often but to much. Turning the air screw all the way in will not kill the bike. That is not correct is it?

This is something you don't see everyday, but I have experienced it on a '96 XR400 and a '97 XR600, rubber O-ring between the carb adapter and the head leaking air, might be worth a look.

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