Trials Tire Update

Hey guys update on the trails tire I put on my R lastweek, a buddy and I went riding saturday and he thought I was joking, It was a used michelin and let me say that my next tire will be one of these :crazy: This thing worked everywhere! Im talking rocks, lose dirt, coal hillclimbs, roots, I mean this thing worked everywhere! If you guys get a chance try one, all my buddy talked about was me throwing rocks at him all day :ride:

Trails or trials tire,can we see a photo?Looks like some good tires

Id post a pic but dont know how, Im telling ya these work awesome! :crazy::ride:

Is there such a thing as a DOT trials tire? How do trials tires hold up on the freeway (80mph+ in 90+deg temps)? I'd like to try one but I dualsport and I wonder how it would hold up with high speed road (ab)use.

Id post a pic but dont know how, Im telling ya these work awesome! :crazy::ride:

Trials tires do not belong on a BRP!!!

Your probably the same guy that put Barbie Dresses on his GI Joe. :ride:

I suspect you are riding an "L".

This is a Michelin X11 trials tire.


I have both the L and the R, the tire is on my R and I thought of trying it on the L, I think it would hold up great on the road cause the rocks hardley hurt it where I would normally destroy a knobbie and yes I took dresses off of barbies but thats a different subject :crazy:

How much is Michelin paying you to seed this forum with stuff like this?

I know that Ryan Hughes and some others were using trials front tires at the endurocross last year in Vegas-I couldnt believe it either.

Trials tires work great on the BRP for trail riding. The kinda level the playing field for the big bike in a mountainous woods type riding. Forget about using them much at high speeds on hard dirt roads or highways. They will heat up and start throwing knobs much quicker than if you use them on the trails. They work considerably better than knobbies in every situation you come across on the trails. At speeds over 55 mph the rear of the bike will begin to wonder back and forth. It has something to do with being radial tires.

I have used trials tires on both my XR650R and 525exc in the woods and am totally sold on them for that kind of riding. They can last for up to 1500 miles if you keep them on the trails. They have consistent performance until they wear out. :crazy:

Here's OMT's XR650R with the Trials tire in this pic :crazy:


And here's a CRF from Hawaii sporting a Trials tire.


It's on my list of things to try, but wayyy down the list because I still have a lot of new tires to burn through :ride: .

Hmm... suspicious looking character.

Hey thanks for backing me up guys I think most of you thought I was full of shit

Hey thanks for backing me up guys I think most of you thought I was full of shit

Naw...we didn't think you were full of it because most of us have kept an open mind after we learned that the world really is round :crazy:

I've talked to quite a few here in wet, rocky western Washington that the trials tire is the best for wet rock.... places like Belfair and Victor Falls where its mostly wet smooth glacial/river rocks.... Just don't hit the mud!

Not sure if I'll ever give it a shot, but when you see guys like Ryno and other offroad racers using them they have to be good given the situation.

The world is round??????

My Pig came with a set of IRC trials tires. I'm in the process of wearing the things down and then it's DOT knobbies.

The IRC's are squirelly and tend to drift at 60-70mph. On gravel roads, they skate out in the front and spin in the rear.

Reminds me of the days of DT250's, ecch. :crazy:


Who Is the Guy in the picture?


Not too sure.... but it looks like he's enjoying the scent of his own fart.....

it sure chased the rest of the riders away :crazy:

hehe!! ... just kidding. :ride: Sweet looking group of bikes :ride:

.....and whats that stuff in the background... could it be hills???.

Living around Dallas you don't get to see many of those, you kinda forget

how they look :lol:

Who Is the Guy in the picture?


That is Roy who now lives in Wenatchee Washington. He used to own Moses Lake Kawasaki/Yamaha shop but now runs a different kind of business. He is an awsome rider. Yes, that is my XR650R behind Roy with the Trials tire on it.

In my testing of Trials tires I have found the Michelin to be the tougher tire. The IRC cannot take as much high speed abuse as the Michelin can. Dunlop has just come out with one called the 803. Great price so I ordered one and it is on back order from Rocky Mt.. I will let you know how they work out after I can wear one out.

Oh yeah, trails tires do quite well in most kinds of mud except the clay kind that is slimy and builds up on everything it touches. Trials tires clean out very nicely because of the design of the tire.

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