Yellow body work for WR?

I was up at NHIS and a bunch of guys have the classic YZ yellow with black bars for body work on the SMs. I can't seem to find them on line anywhere. Anyone know where to get the new plastics in Retro colors?

For us WR owners to go retro you also need a yz seat and tank. I have the plastics on order and am going to throw them on my newly black powder coated frame this week. I'll post some pics when I'm all done.

That's where I got my kit from except the seat and tank. Had to get that from someone here on TT. also sells the kit. Is this the look that you are looking for? Yellow WR426 I just got a IMS tank for it so I need another set of tank graphics for it. I could not have been more pleased with the results. :ride::banana::busted:

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