98 XR200 Jetting

I have a 98' XR200 with no mods other than a Supertrapp exhaust with the 8 discs installed. I have no experience with jetting, was wondering what kit to get and just really what direction to go in. I don't plan on modding the bike any more besides this exhaust and jetting (for now). Any suggestions or insight? Thanks :crazy:

What altitude are you riding at?

I'm not really sure, but my new GPS will be able to tell me when I get it set up. I am up here in Northeastern Pa though.

The original setup on that bike is 110 Main and 38 on the pilot or slow jet. My sons was set down to 35 pilot and 102 main, needle moved to second clip...runs super duper here in Colorado from 6-10K ft. No mods done. I guess I would start by verifying your current jetting. With the trick exhaust, I am sure you will at least start from stock.

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