Poor Man's BillyWho bottles

The BillyWho bottles are expensive but they're very convenient. For those who don't want to spend the money on them, I found the perfect alternative at WalMart today.

It's called the ProMax SpillBuster 12-in-1 Spout (ProMax part# 10001, made by ProMax, Inc., 2241 NW 22nd St., Pompano Beach, FL, 33069, in case you can't find it at your local WalMart). It cost $2.50 or so. It has a valve that you can turn to allow or shut off flow, just like the BillyWho bottles (different implementation, but same result). It fits all different size bottles, including standard oil quart plastic bottles and the more common 5 qt bottles. It will also fit the Honda GN4 1 Gallon size jugs of oil, if that's what you use, which is useful in transferring the oil to your premeasured bottle. The tip of it also has a cap, so that you can leave it on a bottle and prevent contamination. The tip is small enough to fit in the transmission oil fill on the 250X, but the good part is that the small tip is removable so that if you want to use it to pour lots of fluid, you can do so quickly, and then you can screw the small tip back on for jobs with smaller openings.

The only downside as far as I can tell is that it's rigid, not flexible, which could make positioning for a clean pour difficult; but with the shut-off valve that it has, it's not such a big deal - especially because large bottles fit easily next to the fill holes on the 250x.

What you can do is buy 2 of these for $5, and then save one of your oil bottles from your next oil change, and the same for the trans. Measure the exact amount of oil that you plan to use, make a mark with a permanent ink marker on the bottle, fill it to that level, attach the spout, and proceed to fill the engine. Do the same for the transmission side.

One note about the transmission is that if you use the ProHonda HP Transmission Oil 75w, it's tip has a cap and is small enough to fit in the transmission oil fill hole. It's also graduated with a see-through strip on the side, so that itself can be used as a pre-measured fill bottle, the only downside being that it doesn't have a shut-off of any kind. However, it's shaped such that positioning it to fill the transmission without spilling is very easy, and if you're using the pre-measured approach, then you will empty it in to the transmission case every time anyway so there won't be anything to spill when removing, except for maybe a stray drop if you're not careful.

Anyway, these are some cheap alternatives to the BillyWho solution ($5 vs. $25) and will probably work just as well; plus you can use them for multiple purposes, can change the main bottles whenever you see the need (i.e., if they get beat up, cracked, hard to read the measurement marks, etc...), and they are much easier to store than the BillyWho bottles (which are rather large).

There's still no substitute AFAIK for the BillyWho ManFunnel to execute a very clean transmission oil drainage.

Sweet, thanks for the tip :crazy:

Good tip

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