wanted 2006 YZF450 exhaust

IF any body has a stock 06 YZF exhaust that is taking up space in there garage please let me know.

There is another TT Member who is looking for a 02-05 stock exhaust.



Right now im rocking the stock exahust, and have been looking at getting some aftermarket exhaust, how much would you be willing to pay? :crazy:

Oyea I almost forgot i still have the stock exhaust from my 2004 to.

I have two. One full system and one without the header. PM if you are interested. I am not sure how much they are worth. I will look into it. Any ideas guys? :crazy:

I've got 06 250f and 450f exhausts layin aroudn if anyone is interested, also have the titanium shock spring from the 250f.

I have a stock 06 250F and 450F exhaust if anyone is interested

I have a 03 450 complete stock exhaust and a 06 450 Stock exhaust as well as a 01/02 426 stock exhaust and extra header

All for sale.......all like brand new

Let's start hearing some figures... What is a takeoff exhaust worth? (With the header)

Just for fun, the price for a 2005 YZ450 OEM header, shield and silencer assembly is $758.57 according to this web-site: (2006 parts were not listed)


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