What to lookout for while rebuilding the forks on a 93 XR600

I took everything apart and cleaned all the crap off. There was a lot of it. A bunch of black sludge with metal particles at the bottom. The bushings were pretty much worn out and the lower bushings had metal embedded in the remaining plastic coating. The metal came from the inside of the fork pipe (long steel chromed steel tube) where the damping cylinder bushing runs. The inside of the pipe has some abrasion where the metal came from. The damping cylinder bushing had a lot of metal embedded in it. Is this a problem? The piston and the other parts look good. I'm planning replacing all the bushings and the seals.

Is there anything else that I should be looking for, checking, or replacing?

Dude I think they're your standard cartridge forks - I have never been in them but people rave about them as great offroad forks.

Good job on doing a rebuild yourself.

sounds like the metal shaving came from the worn sliders and bushings so dont worry. And be glad they arent twin chamber showas, they are scary the first time in em. Make sure to measure both of the springs free length to make sure they are still in spec, ohh yeah and have fun thats what suspension should be all about

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