Rear Fender question

Hi All,

Due to what is commonly called MLOT where I come from (Momentary lapses of talent) I would like to replace the rear fender on my WR450 with the YZ450 fender – as it is just a matter of time before I break the fender and tail light. My question is two fold: [1]. Does the 06 yz450 or previous year’s models rear fender fit the 06 WR450 and [2]. If it does what do I do with the wiring for the tail light.

Thanks in advance

Nurooi :crazy:

The wiring for the tail light ends under the seat. It just unplugs. The fender will fit with minor trimming for radiator overflow bottle clearance :crazy: .\


I have one on my WR450. It was an 03' YZ fender by UFO and it fit right onto my 06 with no trimming. I also set up two small taillights so I can stay legal at night where I ride in the desert. There is some pics in "My Garage".

I would check it out first......... I have a YZ fender on my 04' and it required some trimming but Acerbis pretty much lays the pattern out on the plastic for you to trim.

An 06' YZ fender might not work, the frames are different :crazy:

03-05 YZ fenders will work on your 06 WR. The O6 YZ fender is different. Most brands will go right on, some require minor mods to fit. Nothing to difficult. Just put some tape over the wire harness to protect the connections and tuck it away under the seat. :crazy:

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the quick response. There is nothing like having thousands of talented mechanics at your finger tips.



Order the Acerbis replacement WR fender for an '05-'06. It is the YZ style with no light and has the cutouts done already for the overflow bottle and is the same price as the YZ model. Good luck.

Try looking on ebay. I got a used '04 YZ rear for my '04 WR for like 10 bucks - shipping included!

Do you really have to run the overflow bottle on a YZ-d WR? Does it serve as a push pull system? What I mean is it like a car, does it use the bottle as a reservoir?

You dont HAVE to run the reservoir and it does work as a closed loop system like a car. I just like the fact that on a hot day,long hill climb, stop at the top and wait for your buddies to catch up, sort of ride. All the coolant that goes out to the bottle will come back to the rads when it cools down and you don't need to dump your camelback into someones bike to continue riding. WR Dave.

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