Best year cr125

Hello, im looking to possibly get a cr125 used. Whats the best year/years cr125. I was looking into either a 96 or 02 cr125. Also are there any common problems with these bikes or their engines.

Thanks in advance

1997 Was the last powerhouse CR125. OR make your own. 2002 Frame with a 1997 motor.

Say that sounds like fun.

the last good motor was the 97

race teams tried using 95' motors in the alum frames with no luck

the deltabox frame didnt let the bikes have big airboxes, therefore making them kind of sluggish, and i believe that is the reason why the alum framed cr125s have been slow to this day

however the, when the cr250 went aluminum it didnt lose any power..just when it went case-reed

93 94 95 97 all crap after that

What about a 96? I am looking mainly at a 96.

eurogp my friend had was hyper fast..probably faster then the 03 rm125 i had

i have a 03 and its not slow at all?????? i rode a bunch of 125s like ktm 125, rm125, yz125 and my bike is just as fast or faster if you do a little motor work to them there really fast and they have the best handling stock.. I rode a 96 cr125 and i wasn't fast at all felt like my 04 kx100 was faster.. what I'm trying to say is if you do a little work to a cr125 like porting and polishing (around $200-$400) there not slow and are really fast.. i rode my bike when it was 100% stock and it was a little slow but not a lot i did some work to it and now its really fast and has really good handling and is very light... i would get a 03 and up cr125 the 02's and down have the smaller carb, and the air box is smaller is what i heard

get a 2000. my old 2000 cr125 dyno'd at 37.7

get a 2000. my old 2000 cr125 dyno'd at 37.7

what parts did it have on it??

Let's compare oranges to oranges. Any new CR 125 is a great bike. Anyone one of us on A CR could beat an equal rider on CRF or YZ or RM or KXF or KX.

It really doesnet mean anything when the magazines say they are lacking power. More times then most the factory bikes are all detuned to the riders preferance. Horsepower is not always king. What you are looking for is a motor that has the broad range. The 97 had usable (meaning us, unless you getting paid we are all pretty much the same) power from bottom to top.

It makes sense what Punkrock said about the old style frame. For years now they have been trying to have the airbox line up with the carb. Straight air is best. If you can get a '96 for a great price do it.

Common problems. Powervalves. Keep them clean. Jetting. Do it right the first time. Air filter. Keep it clean. Oil changes. Do them often.

They are great bikes. I have had one for a short spell and I miss it still.

I had a 1995 CR 125 and i have to say that was one of the best bikes I have owned. That thing was super reliable and with fmf fatty and turbine core II (spark arrestor) that thing ripped. Compared to a 99 yz 125 it felt a lot more stable at high speeds with a bit more bottom end. Very good bike you can't go wrong. :crazy:

Thanks agian for all the input. Heres some info on the bike I might be interested in and tell me if you think its a good deal. I was also thinking about a 2001 kx125 for $1600. Do any of you know if they are good bikes. My firend said that he thinks he heard that the kx125's cylinder walls flakes. Does anyone know if this is true?

This is the ad for the 96 cr125 im thinking about. He wants $1,400 for it.

1996 Honda CR125...last year of the steel frame model. Less then 1 hour on the rebuilt top and bottom end (includes new crankshaft) All black plastics and painted black frame. Plastics are all brand new. Applied racing triple clamp and Pro taper bars. Wide footpegs, FMF shorty, Bills PIPE. Rebuilt front and rear suspension. This bike was a project when I was good friends with a mechanic but now i have no one to work on it for me. It needs someone who knows basic engine work. Needs some carbureator adjustment for full power.

In my opinion if you like the bike nothing else matters.

Personally it sounds like it could be good or it could be bad.

97 was the last Steel frame bike

Painted Frame, Why and was it powder coated?

Rebuilt suspension? Whats that mean? new seals, springs pistons? Or did he just replace the oil?

Project bikes? I aways worry about those.

In my honest opinion, want a great motocross bike, buy one from a racer. People that say the bike was never raced just beat on it and ride them into the ground. Racers replace things and take care of them. 9 time out of 10 the Racers bike is going to be prestine. All mine are at least. Just food for thought. 2002 CR125's here are selling for $2500

Not An '04

Just to let you know 2 years ago I sold my 1995 CR 125 for $1800. That is probably high value for the bike, but mine was pretty cherry still had the original front tire. Only mods were a fmf pipe, turbine core 2, pro tapers, extra plastic and some a ripper seat cover err i mean gripper :ride:

I just bought a used 96 I really like the power output compared to some of the newer 125s, going to put the crf aside for a while

Don't know about the 02's but my 95 handles great and is very fast. It even has decent low end power.

What about a 2007 CR125 are they any good??

What about a 2007 CR125 are they any good??

Yes. 05 - 07 are very good, once you get rid of the stock carb, and put a PWK on it.

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