650R High comp piston- 12:1

the highest compression piston i can find is a 11:1 as opposed to the stock 10:1-do they make anything higher then a 11:1

this is for supermoto racing and if i have to run race fuel all the tiem that is fine

dang i think an 12:1 piston would be pretty hard to start

yeah-i donbt care though-i need more power

my XR with a hotcam stage 2 and stock piston is still much easier to start then my modded 426 was-i think i could manage

this is a full on road race project

You can have them made. I recall Travis37 ordering pistons with different compressions in the past for the KTMs. The problem is that you will have to purchase at least 4 pistons before the company will consider making them for you. Travis is currently in the hospital due to some complications from his surgery, but send him a pm asking how to go about ordering the piston you want and he will get back to you when he returns home.

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