Keyed Ignition for 06 WR450

I've seen some threads on this topic but no real definitive answers.

What are folks using for a keyed igntion mod? Model and part numbers would be really appreciated. Pics too if you got'em though I imagine it would be an easy installation with the right parts.

Like those from the Aussie dual sport models.


Baja Design just started selling them, I ordered one today so I should have it next week. Comes with a brackets and get wired into the kill switch. might not stop anybody but will slow them down (hopefully)

Can you show me a pic or two or a link to the part? The Bajadesigns site sucks, I can never find anything on it.

I heard somewhere that the key for the TTR125 will work will very little modification.

Is this true?

I didn't see it on the Baja web site, I asked today when I ordered my dual sport kit and he said they just started to sell them. I think it was like $20 I just told him to add it to my order. As soon as I get it I can send a pitcure of it.

tag for picture.

Since most manufactures does not like to have too many products in their assembly lines, I guess that there should be a product that plugs straight in the wiring harness. Here in Europe the WR comes with a factory DS kit.

If you don't want turn signals, horn etc. you have to take it off.

It has been this way since -05, on the previous models you could buy a factory DS was about 375$ + labor.

I mounted my kit by myself, it came in a box. The clever thing is that it contained a new wiringharness that connects to the existing one.

Once installed it is "plug'n play" with the horn, turn signals, brake switch etc.

This makes me think that if there is an Australian version of this kit containing a key switch it should be possible to find that part separately.

So come on you us some good pictures of this key switch.

i would love to see some stampings (if any) and how it connects to the wiring harness.


Hey Guys,

I have a keyed ignition that looks almost identical to this one on the Yamaha-usa site. It is for a 2006 TTR125EV/LE/LEV

Part Number: 5HP-82510-00-00

Go to the Parts Catalogue and search under Electrical 1. Item No. 16/17 I think. It looks identical except I may have a slightly different bracket (I think) to hold it to the top fork clamp.

Here is a pic of mine before I modded it for a Neutral light.

I posted some time ago and unfortunately the dealer could not get the details. My bike came fitted with the keyed ignition and some turn lights. It did come in a kit, they ordered direct from Japan. Cost around 500US - installed on the bike and was a dealer add-on necessary for them to register the bike for road use. I'd say you could half the price if you exclude labour..? No part number though.

For those of you just wanting the keyed ignition, LOOK at the USA site and go buy! :ride:

I used the same ignition on mine, I like the Proper Yamaha Key better then buying the aftermarket key. Here are a few pics of mine installed, I removed the stock ignition switch, cut off the switch part and welded on a small steel plate, then drilled it out 7/8 inch hole in it and painted it, mounted the Key right where the push switch was..... Then i noticed the connector did not fit and the wiring was too long, I decided to shorten the new wire and solder the wires to the end of the stock connector harness, you can also just pull out the pins and reuse them in the stock end. either way it's not hard and I think it looks great.......




Well done Mountain Max.

No excuses now guys.

Now, who is the first to solve the REV counter (who wants one?) issue. Just kidding... :ride:

One question...does the ignition swith also have an acc input for switching dc voltage?

BTW, nice setup!! :ride:

had a conversation with a very helpfull technician at Yamaha UK today, he said look for a keyed switch from an ATV something like 350Big Bear '95 '96 or aKodiak 400 '95 '96 for this type of add on ( red wire = permanent live and brown wire = switch live)

had a conversation with a very helpfull technician at Yamaha UK today, he said look for a keyed switch from an ATV something like 350Big Bear '95 '96 or aKodiak 400 '95 '96 for this type of add on ( red wire = permanent live and brown wire = switch live)

That is the wiring for my keyed ignition - spliced into what was left of the Push Button ignition I am guessing. There is NO AC through the 06 push Button Ignition switch.

For Info: the Yamaha-usa parts catalogue for the Yamaha ATVs and TTRs etc that DO have a keyed ignition, shows the same ignition part number for all; previously posted on this thread.

I ordered mine, the same for the TTR125. Should be here this week, thanks for the info. Also have the AIS kit in the same order, along with the PBR insert coming in a separate order.

This is gonna be a great summer!

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