Picked Up New Wr 450, Goodies Enroute, Need Help On Getting Sm Stuff

Hey everyone,

I picked up my new wr450 on Fri. It has 0.7 miles on it (most of which were from the flogging it got at the setup test ride :crazy: ). I am waiting for all the uncorking goodies to come in before I break it in mototune style. I have the PMB, AIS removal, a JD jet kit, and the Storm fuel screw on the way from the TT store. I was wondering if anyone knew of a cost effective approach to getting hubs or complete rims for a mild 18-21 motard setup but still keep my stock rims and shoes for dirt. This bike is going to be my way around town as much as my dirt fix. I have searched , but anyone prefer the trick dualsport setup over Baja designs kits. I would prefer to not have to send in my stator. Thanks, and I look forward to being a part of this great community. Scott

PS. How is the free shipping option from the TT STORE vs. the $16.xx ground

Why do you need a lighting kit or upgraded stator? My 06WR is SM'd for street. There is a brake light element already in the taillight. If you want turn signals, just get LED signals and flasher from peakmoto.com, a switch (I use a small toggle from RadioShack), and wire it up!

I have 17" RAD/Excel wheels - $1100. You can build up 18/21's buy buying hubs at the TT store or other internet site for ~$200 + Excel rims ~$300 + spokes and lacing $200.

OR: watch eBay and supermotojunkie.com for new takeoffs. I recently saw a brand new set of stock 06WR450 wheels, rotors and tires go for about $600.


my motard is 99% done and has done 2000kmh in the past month (ride it every day......its like a drug :ride::crazy: )

21/18 combo isnt exactly a motard setup o_O

anyways i ran that 'motard' setup on my old ttr250 front is metzeler...not sure of model and the rear is a bridgestone batlax bt45r very very decent rear road tyre

if u wanna go more serious

i made contact with launchezone he is a really great guy and makes an awesome sproket spacer kit, my wheels are also put together by him (excel talon combo)


check him out his name is steve awesome guy!

i am able to just run a 170 rear with this kit, but my chain does chew my tyre a little(1.5 - 2mm).

oh by the way

if your looking for front brake upgrade i highly reccomend the ebc race rotor. of all the setups ive seen it certainly isnt the most trick but isnt ugly but the dual sport'ness of it is the best. as in u can simply unbolt it/caliper and rebolt caliper in stock position in minutes. otheres require semi-caliper disassembly

Thanks Fellas, I was wanting to go with the 18-21 because of cost. I can't afford a 17" setup right now. Thanks for the advice on new take offs. I will be scouring for those. Anybody have anything about the Dual sport kits question. Texas may be a little more rigorous than Colorado. I believe we have to show that the light will shine with the bike not running. I live in Brazos County Texas where just about every municipal or inspecting party is anal because of Texas A&M being here. They are sadists because of college kids trying to pull stuff. I also want to incorporate a keyed ignition. That is why I want to get a dual sport kit

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