04-06 Engine Swap

I've got a brand new 04 that's been sitting in my garage for almost 2 years and access to an 06 roller for a good price. Does anyone know of any differences that would keep me from being able to swap the engine out ie:allignment, airbox boot, etc? Thanks

I'm aware of the dry sump, there's still a kit made isn't there?

You'll have a bit of fitting to accomplish. The new engine uses a more upright cylinder angle, and most of the hard points will be different. The swing arm pivot collars may fit, or you may need to fabricate new ones (maybe even just use the ones from an '06 case?).

The '06 IS NOT a wet sump engine, but it does have the oil reservoir integrated into the crankcases, which will be very difficult for some people to comprehend, most likely. Nevertheless, I would never do a wet sump conversion on a YZF. I'd much rather find some place to stash an oil tank and keep the dry sump.

Overall, it seems doable, but it won't be too simple.

But it would be cool to put it on a shifter cart............. :crazy:

Sounds like more than I want to do. I have the complete 04 bike, I figured I could ebay the wheels, suspension and plastic and break even but I don't want to go rigging the thing. Guess I'll just ride it as is until the 07s come out. Thanks for the info.

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