Step Seat for YZ450?

Does anyone make the Windham style step seat for the YZ450F? I've ridden a few CRF450's with them and they make a noticiable difference.

Why not make your own with an electric filet knife and a palm sander to sooth over your work, then staple her back up.


Why not make your own with an electric filet knife and a palm sander to smooth over your work, then staple her back up.


After some more research, I'll answer my own question...

Yes, GUTS racing has recently started making the step seat for Yamahas. From my limited test rides using one, they definitely help keep you up on the seat accelerating out of corners.

Durelle racing Products and Saddlemen

Make your own. Save some dough. Its easy and then you can customize it just for you. I did two of my bikes just to help me reach the ground better. But I love em for hillclimbing too. :crazy::ride:

$80 that isn't bad at all......I think that is the next thing going on my bike.

SDG makes the best seats out there.

In my opinion, keep your stocker stock! It is not that much $$$ to get an aftermarket seat.

Getting a seat shaped well enough that it won't look like an abortion takes alot of expensive tools and alot more know-how!

SDG only makes the step-seat for hondas (the Windham Seat).

You know, I've been riding two stroke smokers for the last 16 years and never had a problem with sliding back on the seat until my new 450 thumper. I think it's the added power combined with the how flat the seat is on the 06 YZ450.

hey. im sorry but how do i create a post just like you did about the step seat??? also how could i see if someone replies to me?

thanks alot

Click the "new thread" button at the top of the page.

ok, I just ordered the step seat kit from Guts Racing. I will give a review when I get to ride it. I haven't ridden in two weeks. 4 busted ribs and a separated shoulder has got me singing the blues.

I know I need a step seat for sure. Quick reason, At one of my tracks there is a section that you come out of a right hander into a 200ft uphill. Well, with the 450, it just rips up the hill and I noticed a little draft down my pants. the bike was pulling my pants down because the seat was holding my pants, but I was sliding out of them.

Now I have riding shorts, since the boxer briefs didn't las long rubbing on the gripper seat.

I will give a full report on my butt sliding experience when I get it all installed.


I just installed my guts racing step seat. It is almost the same density foam as my stocker. It is mounted by using 3m snot adhesive I call it, not double sided tape. Works well but the edges were raised a little. I trimmed the edges with a knife and some sanding to smooth it out. That was the easy part. The seat cover that they supply is a descent full gripper. The Pain in the Butt part was installing the damn thing. Now I'm no upholsterer, but I have installed many seat covers. I would think that the seat cover they supply would be a little different to accommodate the step. Nope, it was a standard cover, so getting it to fit was a nightmare. I will post some pics as soon as I can. If I cannot get it perfect I think I will have to go to an upholsterer and have it done. But it looks almost perfect now. Next update will be how it feels, It felt comfortable in the garage, the track will tell. In case you are wondering, this is on an 06' 450.

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