01 Yamaha 426 info

I am going to be selling my 426 (not enough time to ride) and I was hoping for some guidance. It has custom rims, handlebars, new tires (ridden on once) and is a very clean bike. I never raced, only rode trails on it and rode a small track.

Basically, what is a fair price on this bike? My thoughts are $2700. I also have a nice shoei helmet, alpine star boots, and a motojack rack that I will be selling as well.

Your input is appreciated. If your interested, I live in Fort Worth, TX and you can email me through the site.



I bought an 01 426 in Cali. It had 62 hours on it and was very clean. Guy fell off. Got scared, sat on it. You know the drill.

I gave 3K since it was like brand new. Not even the grey wire mod or anything.

Good Luck.


I gave $2600 for my '01. It appeared to have low miles on, stock tires still have 85%+ on them. If your bike is in good condition, I think thats a fair price. Get some pics to post. Run it on ebay to see what kind of offer you can get :crazy:

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