Best Front Tire - 2006 YZ450F

Regardless if the past 2 wrecks I've had were my fault, the front end has slid out with the stock front tire. I have been told repeatedly to swap out the stock Dunlop, that it sucks.


I figure enough time has gone by to get some good input on what the best front tire is to install.

All suggestions are welcomed.....

D 756

D 756



Dunlops 756 is ok, 756RR is better but never available, and Michilen Starcross MS3 is the best especially for your terrain in MA....Front and Rear!

The Michelin M-12 works great for me. :crazy:

I have great luck with the OEM 739. Are the forks moved up in the tripple to the clamps to the first ring and do you have the shock sag at 95mm? I had the same feeling when started riding the 450, but proper setup solved the front end push. Now it turns on dime and no feeling like the front end wants to wash in the corners. I will note the terrain is hard to medium I usually ride on. Also a 739G works excellent on the rear.

Another vote for the Dunlop 756.

Dunlop 756 on mine

what conditions are the Dunlop 756 suited for...?

what conditions are the Dunlop 756 suited for...?

Soft to Intermediate

The Michelin star cross tires i found are the best.

:crazy: You have to match the tire to the terrain!

Hard packed Adobe = Dunlop 739

Intermediate soft terrain=Dunlop 756

Sand or mud=Dunlop 773

Dunlop makes the best tires in my opinion. Mine never chunk even when I inevitably get into a situation where I have to use a soft terrain tire in semi-rocky conditions. I acknowledge that they wear quickly though!

I have some 952's on the way. They are patterned after the old 752's, which were great tires back in the late 80's early 90's. They are supposed to last longer than the 756's. I'll chime in later on how they actually do.

I haven't had good luck with Bridgestones or Michelin's. Bridgestone makes some great hardpack tires but they round off quick and suck on anything but hardpack. Michelin's chunk on me too often to consider spending bucks on them. Pirelli's have worked ok for me in deep sand. Kenda's.....I avoid like the plague after actually breaking the cords just trying to mount the damn thing.

I really wasn't having any issues with the 739 that came on the bike. I did however order and mount a 756 because everyone on here praised it so much. Haven't got to ride it with the 756 yet. By the way, has killer prices on tires. 756 front and 952 rear in a 120 delivered to my door for $109.95

Michelin S12 (M12 also works great). It will feel like velcro compared to the stock dunlop. The S12 is actually a soft-terrain knob, but performs and holds up remarkably well in hard to intermediate terrain.

Anybody try the D742 in the wider 90/100-21 size?

Anybody try the D742 in the wider 90/100-21 size?

No. But I do want to try a D756 120 rear....

Anybody try the D742 in the wider 90/100-21 size?

Yes, night and day difference between that and the 739. The 742 is an awesome tire. I also put on a 952 on the rear and rode it in a Worcs race (hour long) and multiple times at the track. The thing still looks brand new. I am extremely happy with my tire set now.

I agree. Its a good tire. I thought it was a big improvement over the regular 742. It does appear to be durabl.

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