speedo for wr

anyone tried the topeak panoram computer for there bike?if so how did you mount it and where did you mount the magnet and pickup sensor? :)

I bought one this summer, extremely happy with it. Everything you need is included, including cable ties!

There are a variety of mounting options. The older kit had a bar clamp which I located just to the left of the master cyl on the bar bend. I pointed the unit upwards to help it "hide" from roost and to see it while standing. Geoff's new kit mounts it (I think) to the existing hole where the odometer used to be. This is hidden from roost behind the plate, and centrally located. There is a past post with a nice picture of the setup.

There are instructions on where to mount the magnet/sensor. Basically the sensor is screwed into the caliper arm, and you need to drill a small hole to accomodate it. It ends up being about 3-4 mm away flush from the brake disk. Don't worry about drilling the caliper arm, it's easy and quick. The magnet moounts on the disc itself, towards the hub from where the brakes make contact. Supplied with the kit is liquid weld. Mine seemed to crack after a few rides, but it hasn't fallen off yet (about 400 difficult trail miles). In retrospect, I would use JB Weld here.

The ONLY thing I don't like about it (and this plagues all bike computers) is the time it takes to update the screen.For example, as you accelerate hard, it may read 7mph, then 18, then 29, then 42. Same with decelerating. Slam on the brakes and it still reads 42 for a about a second (and it's a long second if you're staring at it, and not the trail)

I love the maximum speed feature, it gives me a chance to accurately choose main jets. It's hard to judge this when you're doing top speed :). I also like how you can remove the computer in about 2 seconds when washing to help prevent water entry problems.

Hope that helps.

thanks mcarp, sounds good I just ordered one

and thanks for the picture geoff. :)

Hi Guys,

I just put this exact setup on last week and mcarp was exactly right. I really like it but would like it to update a little quicker, no big problem though. I thought about putting 2 magnets on disc and divide distance constant by 2, that should help...


A couple of questions. Does it have non resetable mileage? How much for entire package? Do you have to remove stock tripometer?

He said time constant....

Geoff you truly are an engineer :)


Does the topeak fit with a Scotts damper??? Really interested in the unit!

Originally posted by Geoff:

Thanks for the plug mcarp,

We have not heard of a problem with the magnet install. We will look into this problem.

We are working on the speed update time constant. Expect to see a solution to this issue soon.

Here is a picture of the Odometer installation:


Thanks for the update, Geoff. I would love to update mine so the display updates in real time. As far as the magnet, well, it's still holding strong after powerwashes, jumps, mud, and now appx 800 miles of use. As I mentioned, the compound did crack, but is holding. I did let it dry completely, but I may have buggered the mixing process. Only saying this because a few others I've talked to haven't had this issue.

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