XR650L Upper shock bearing

I did some searches but didn't find any info. I recently purchased a 1994 XR650L with only 2700 miles on it and I'm going through it to make sure everything is good. The shock has a bit of play at both ends. Although the bike has had good maintenance done on it by POs, I'm sure the shock has never been greased. I bought a Pivot Works shock bearing kit, but it looks like all I got was the bearing and seals for the bottom and just the seals for the top.

I called my local Honda dealer and was told the upper bearing isn't available as a replaceable unit... would have to buy an entirely new shock body. Umm, no thanks.

Anyone figured out a source or fix for an upper shock bearing on the L? It sure looks like it would just press out and a new one could be pressed in.



It looks like your dealer is correct. Honda doesn't list the sphericial bearing replacement for the 94 650L shock. The bearing on the XR600 is replaceable. Is it the same, I don't know, but I do know that the shock is very similiar. Before experimenting you may look to getting another off of ebay. There is one there now, but the guy wants $190 for it.

Small amount of play is tolerable.

The bearing is replaceable if you can find a match- is it the same as the bottom?


I haven't compared it to the bottom yet, but will. I think it does look similar. I don't want to press it out if I'm not going to replace, but should be able to determine most of it's specs with it still in the shock. If I can't replace, it'll be fine for quite awhile I think, especially if I get it greased up good.

Quick update. I sent an email to Pivot Works asking for any help they could give on the upper bearing since I'd kind of expected the kit I bought to have it in the first place. The guy at Pivot Works was super helpful and found out that they had updated the kit to now include the upper bearing and I must of gotten one from old stock. I told him the number on the bearing I had and he put the bearing I needed in the mail today. I should get it tomorrow.

Excellent customer service from Pivot Works. If you need to replace the upper bearing on your XR, get one of their kits.

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