Rekluse clutch covers

I am currently removing the auto clutch from my 01 YZ 426 and fitting it to a 06 YZ450. I am reading the instructions for the 450 and it states that you must use 2 clutch cover gaskets. I was only using 1 gasket on the 426. I read the instructions again for the 426 and it also says to use 2 gaskets. Is the 450 different than the 426 and do you differently need 2 gaskets. Is anyone only using 1 gasket.

Any help would be appreciated


As long as clearance isnt issue , it will work. Make sure it doesnt rub! Clay will let you know ( or your kids playdo).

The Rekluse kit for the 426 comes with two thick space gaskets for the clutch cover. They are special for the Rekluse.

The installed stack of the rekluse clutch does not get larger or taller during operation. So if it clears when you install it, it will work fine. The advantage of using a Rekluse cover is increased oil storage. The 2 gaskets did and do provide the clearances needed. I read the question as a person who wants to ride immediately, therefore try it and see if it clears. My first auto ran a plexiglass spacer instead of gaskets, then changed to aluminum. A good hardwood would work if you are good with a router.

Rekluse sent a spacer w/ my clutch kit. It is about a 1/4" thick and to be used instead of 2 gaskets.

Thanks for the reply's. I installed the clutch last night and measured the distance between case and cover and case and top of clutch and there is about 2mm clearance. So I fitted cover and turned over motor with kick starter and is not hitting cover. I think I will make up a aluminium spacer just to be sure.

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