Need more Power!

I need some advice on what I should do, I have a 2003 RM 250 that I feel is under powered compared to the 450s and a 2003 YZ 250 I rode the other day. The bike is in top condition and I am working on the jetting to se if I can get it open up, up top. I am getting passed on fast sections, for example I can be wide open in 3rd or 4th and the 450s are still pulling me with minimal effort, I also can keep up just fine in rhythm sections, I know that the 450s are fast but are they that fast I have never ridden the new one back to back with the 250 2 stroke. I am a mid B rider, and I just feel that I can’t compete with the faster guys because a lack of power. Well should I just get a 450 or what?

My jetting is

172 main

1.5 air screw

48 Pilot

Needle 2nd from top

92 Octane @ 40:1

delta v force 2 reeds

stock pipe and silencer with new packing

I know this is in a YZ 450 forum but I thought I would post it here to see if any of you have been on other bikes other than the 450s. Besides I am thinking of just getting a yz 450 or 250 2 smoker.

I don't know what elev. you ride but I ride sea level to 1500' I run a 165 -168 main and you need to change the slide to a 7.0


My elevation is about 0 to 1500 also I might have to look in to that.

Where do you get a new slide?

my buddy had an 02rm 250 and that thing felt like a turd untill we jetted and put a pipe and silencer on it.after that it was scary fast!

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