Controls with decomp lever

You guys know a good mfg/model for a all-in-one clutch lever and decompression lever?

No, But for $190 you can get the Hot Cams auto decompression exhaust cam and get rid of the decompression lever all together! The loss of that lever is almost equal to the loss of the clutch on a bike w/ rekluse! :crazy:

I got stuck on a hill Sunday, had to kick in one of those awkward postions where your facing uphill, only one leg can touch and if you go back one foot further, you are dropping off.,. either way, I just pulled in the clutch, kicked once, revved up, feathered the clutch up with out pulling the bike back over... i don't think I could of been easier, unless I had that magical button...(electric start.... )

The part # for the exhaust valve for my 01 WR 426 was ATR565054 and is listed for "YZ/WR400/426" :ride::ride:

I ran a MSR "Raptor" all-in-one" on my old DR. The extra lever is technically for a hot-start, but it pulled enough cable to work as a decompression lever.

At around $60, it's a good middle ground before you look at spending triple digits for some fancy CNC lever.

Moose makes the same thing, just re-badged...


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