Where to buy jets for 06 WR450

Where can I find pilot/starter/leak jets online? My local dealer does not carry any jets (hard to believe!).

Thanks - Scott

I have found that most dealers dont carry a good stock of jets.

You can get the part numbers. do a search on the net :Yamaha UsA has a good parts break down for each model. Get the numbers for each jet, stock is handily listed on each site along with most others, then present the list to the dealer to order in. Can take a few weeks.

The other way is through TT but you have to know exactly what you are after, also 3rd party suppliers like SUDCO have them. Do an internet search


What part of Montana are you in. Hi Tech in Bililngs has a great selection in stock. I am sure they would send you what you need. :crazy:

Thanks all - I will give these suggestions a shot. BTW - I am in Eureka, MT (NW corner near the Canadian border).

Try http://www.sudco.com/ they have all kinds of goodies and good prices

Also try Zanotti Motors. I ordered all of my jets on line....They were cheap and the parts were delivered on time.

Thanks for the Montana suggestion! It is the only place that I found al l the jets that I needed.

Where in MT are you located?



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