Not idling properly and stalling

I just purchased a brand new '06 450 two days ago. I have about 30 minutes of ride time on it.

First issue (idling):

I was adjusting the idle air screw last night once the bike was warmed up and it was idling for about 20 to 30 seconds with the choke off and then it'd stall. Once I rode it a bit more it refused to idle when put back into neutral.

Second issue (stalling):

The bike tends to stall when in low rpms and in gear. I have to keep it reving, with or without the clutch in (around tight corners) to keep it running. Is this common? I'm coming from a Banshee, and I'm brand new to the four-stroke world, but from what another response somebody had concerning a related issue, the bike should at least stay running and idle even in gear with the clutch in (without reving), and even when it's out.

There is a knurled knob that you turn to adjust your idle speed. Turn this clockwise and it will raise your idle speed. Your owners manual shows this.

you're going to need to rejet it and buy an aftermarket fuel screw. most ppl r going with 170 main / 48 pilot. since it's getting hotter though you might go with a 165/45 depending on your elevation.

get a new front tire and chain too

awesome bike, enjoy!

I think I'll go grab a couple pilot jets at the local shop. Thanks.

I purchased an 06 450 and had the same exact experience. Rejet and adjust fuel screw took care of the problem.

Runs perfect now!

A flywheel weight will keep it from stalling coming into slow corners or after

a long pull on a hill, adjust the air screw to the best idle and forget it.

you shouldn't have to raise the idle to where it's obviously too fast.

get an after market air screw so you can just reach down and adjust it.

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