Check your Acerbis Tank!

I have the 3.4 gal Acerbis gas tank and noticed that my kick starter is rubbing a hole at the top of the pocket where the kick starter folds into. Luckly I caught it before it went all the way through. I tried to reposition the kick start with no luck. My kick starter had a overly large casting lip at the top of the starter maybe a defect, I dont know. All I did was grind the lip smooth which worked purfect. Is there anyone else with this problem?

Doug, 00 WR400


I also have the Acerbis tank. I do not have a problem with the kick starter pocket but have recently discovered a contact point at the rear of the tank with the shock reservoir. I verified that the bolt holding the shock was tight and can only assume that the bushing allows the shock to move slightly to avoid binding. I have attached a piece of high density neoprene to the reservoir to cushion the contact point. Anyone else with this problem?



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