Spin off from "best xr600" thread

The "best xr600" thread got me thinking.

I have a CA plated '89 600r, (still apart in boxes - what do you want for $300?) that sounds like it may be more of a frankenbike that expected - I'm not complaining, it (aledgely) has the HRC 628 kit, motard wheels, many extras, and the differences seem to be upgrades to newer components.

Would someone (or several someones) be kind enough to detail the model changes by year?

E.g. twin carb to single, fork changes, axle changes, etc.

I'm looking for details, not just that the axle diameter changed, but from what diameter to what diameter and in what year(s).

Alternatively, is this info online somewhere?

Thanks in advance,


nice at the m oment my 89 xr600 is the same way plated and in boxes soon to be on the road

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