Throttle Stop Screw

I have a 06 WR450 and am going to to the free mods myself. I am not much of a mechanic but I can do it. I need help finding the throttle stop screw ( I'm pretty sure I know were it is but I want to be sure.)

It's on the back, right hand side of the carb. Pull the black cover off the right side of the carb and you'll see it. It stops the throttle drum from turning. There's pictures around here somewhere...

If you look closely, you'll see a black screw facing upward toward the back of the carb (left in the picture). It is directly left of the AP timing screw and above the intake in the picture. It's an allen headed screw.

There is no real need to remove the cover. Plus, if the AIS is still installed its tough to get to unless its removed.

I found it easier to get to it from the left side by reaching in front of the rear tire and upward.

Thats what I thught it was but It is hard to get at.

Thank you

Does anybody know what the lenght of the yz450 throttle stop is. I would like to cut the one on my wr450 to that lenght.

Just back the screw out, open the throttle until the slide is totally clear of the carb bore, turn the screw in to meet the throttle drum, mark it and take off that amount.

If its a WR throttle stop, cut 11mm off of it. Walla, a YZ throttle stop!! :crazy:

Just buy a YZ and forget cutting it off. It is located at the back of the carb, and does not require removing anything. Simply get a long shanked allen wrench and turn it out and turn the new one in from the left side. You will see it at the back of the carb about half way up.

i could not see it from either pic posted, is there a better installed pic? i still have the ais on my bike (will soon be removed) and can't even see the screw

I just got through swapping mine out for a yz screw. My bike only has 2 miles on it! I want to break it in with a real throttle.

I had to remove a vacuum dashpot that was held on with 2 8mm bolts in order to get to the throttle stop. This was from the right side of the bike. It was worth the effort.

Mountain Max -

Look again at this pic

Look closely towards the left, above the black carb inlet, the black allen screw is installed brom the bottom, upwards. Its easy to see once you see it, kinda like one of those painting with all the hidden animals... Its blended in well.

Look at the picture center and then move out towards 10:00.

I would have to order the yz stop and I do not want to wait for it to come in.

If you cut it take a fine emery paper and smooth the edges of the end where you cut it. Then put just a dab of grease on the bare end.

A dremel tool with a cut-off wheel works the best.

thanks, i just changed mine, with the carb out as i had to jet it up as per our buddies specs here....

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