Raised forks

I raised my forks so the top line on the fork is exactly 1 centimeter from the top of the triple clamp, which puts the forks right at the handlebar. I'm only 5' 9", so the bike's a bit tall for me and I wanted to lower it and get better trail riding handling. Are the forks safe at the location they're at, or should I lower them a bit away from the handlebars? It seems to handle much betterr now, than it did with the stock height.

I too did the same thing cause of my height, but soon realised that the bike actually handles worse. After six months riding with them way up in the triple clamps, I dropped them back to the first line on the fork and what do ya know, the bike has come alive again. At high speeds the bike will become very unsteady and twitchy causing massive head shake, very unpleasant wide open let me tell you.....whatever works for you though I guess......

Well, it seems like it might get to that unsteady point. I'm still in the break-in process, since I have very little time this week. I was a bit worried that may happen. I can drop them to the first line. All I know is they weren't at the first line when I changed them. The forks were all the way down so the top just barely stuck out of the triple clamp. Maybe the 1st line height will give me the same easy to turn feeling. Thanks for your advice.

Any discussion of suspension modifications that compares what one user does with an '06 YZ450 to what anyone does with an '03/'05 is fundamentally off the chart. It's like comparing apples and elephants. They're two totally different chassis, with very different handling characteristics (although Yamaha, as always, focused on balancing in a good measure of stability).

Try your forks as you have them, and see if they work for you. '06 owner's have said that:

>Raising the forks to the first of the two scribed lines helps the front stick better.

> The bike is sensitive to sag settings, and seems happiest at around 95-98mm.

> The stock bars are too low for most riders, and using a higher bend seems to help with the tendency to wash the front end.

Otherwise, I've only been able to ride two, and I'd have to spend more time than I've put in on one to find much fault to think about improving, frankly.

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