Notes on First Oil Change

With my new '05 WR450 I attempted to measure and evaluate the process. One step became very clear as important. That little 8mm bolt under shift level sent out the most crud. Almost all the particles (56 miles) came from that opening.

Thus, I think my quick changes will be a 4 step process that includes :crazy: that very hard to install bolt.


Can you explain this bolt your talking about? and did you mean shift lever instead of shift level? Thanx :crazy:

Yep, I did mean to say behind the 'shift lever'.


I was looking for a chance to use the hammer.


I think he's referring to #6, the lowest drain.

Nice diag. of 5/6.

Nice to know, maybe I will have to rethink removal of dreaded number 6....

Usually leave it in, :ride: , but took it out on the first 3-4 oil changes...

Yes, as noted number 6. If you take off the skid plate (three 8 mm screws) it becomes very easy. Using a torque wrench would be almost impossible though. Just tight and a little more should do it.


'05 WR 450

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