450 prob

my bike runs great but some times when i'm sitting with the clutch in and give it a quick shot of gas it dies. and the other day when i went off a jump and puled the clutch in it died and did the same thing like 3 more time that day. is this a jetting prob or what can cause it

It sounds to me like the jetting; I had a similar problem on my 06 (though it never dies in the air). Since I re-jetted it and added a quick shot it hasn't happened again; I recomend getting the JD jet kit, you can find it in the TT store.

my 05 does this to sometimes, especially after coming down a hill, i don't know what it could be, I have a quickshot on it and I think its jetted right, anyone else have any ideas.

mine has the jd jet kit in it now. what is a quickshot

It is a new Accelerator Pump Cover from Boyesen; it improves the throttle response and diminishes bog very well. They are about $85 and you can get them at most places.

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