XR650R Mud Flap issue!

I'm currently on my second rear shock mudflap. The Michelin Baja 140 tire I'm running keeps rubbing on the lower right corner of the flap and has now rubbed through it in a few 100 miles.

Is this an issue of too wide a tire or is somethong out of whack?

Any other 140 tire users out there?

Thanks Dan

I have a Maxxis 120 rear tire and it rubs. Yes it's the tire.

yea i have the same problem... it is weird that it doesn't rub on both sides. i guess if you wanted you could get the rim offset from the hub to fix it.

Thanks guys!

I guess I'll just ignore it from now on.

Hey Tim...

You run the maxxis right? Have you ever had an issue of the tire rubbing on your inner fender when you compress the shock? Every time I come close to bottoming, it rubs on the inner fender on the left side. So bad, it actually rubbed a hole clear through and was throwing sand in my airbox. I fixed the hole by patching it w/ a thick peice of plastic.

But, I was just wondering if you've ever had that problem, or if anyone else has. I dunno if its my tire, or a tweaked subframe.

No you've got me all worried, lol. Mine rubs, that's for sure and my tire is all the way back as far as the axle block adjustments go. Makes the bike a bit tougher to turn. it rubs the snot out of my exhaust and the left side of my fender. I had to sue the Maxxis 120 as the 110 was like a pizza cutter. Maxxis tires run thin, IMO. I'm going to try a Dunlop 952 next.

thats weird i run a 120 maxxis and have no prolems of it rubbing the mud flap...BUT it rubs the right side of the fender (not the air box side) of the bike.

I put on a new flap this morning...got home from 100 miles today and the right side is almost worn through and the left side has a gouge from the chain...and the chain is adjusted right. I shoulda just left the beat up one on there.


Get a shock sock, cut the mud flap and move it back.

I don't think you will ever avoid the chain taking out a gouge. Every 650 I've seen had the typical chunk cut out by the chain.

hey needsprayer what size shock cover is that? and where did you get it? im going to go to one for the dunes but can never find one that fits. they are either too small or way way way too big.

I'm replacing another rear rim today after my last Baja trip a few weeks ago while the wheel is off I noticed that my rear flap shows signs of rubbing on the shock link (besides the extra normal wear on the right side of the guard). Just a guess that when the suspension is compressed the link is actually pushing the guard into the tire. I'm not sure of this but I'm going to put on a new one and try to clearence cut it so it clears the link. Will let you know if this make a difference.

Thumpmeister,If you're tire is rubbing the fender on one side or the other, it's because the subframe is bent.

if the tire rubs the fender one side or the other it means you have a slightly bent sub frame,the xr650r sub frame can bend from a huge g out you dont ever have to tip over,for the most part any 120 you stick on the rear,using the stock gearing or 15 /47 which is the same tire location as 14/48 if using stock length chain will rub the mud flap no matter what,you could use a chain one link longer but then the bike handles differently because the rear whbeel is farher back,i guess well just have to keep a stock of mud flaps,things could be worse.

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