Dunlop 908 Rally Raid

Just fitted it on my XR650R a glove with stock sprockets and chain. I will tell how it handles this weekend. I have read that the front tire "sucks" on the road at around 60mph causes headshake. I have only put in the rear tire...awesome and huge.

I really like the look of that rear tire....that extra rubber down the middle should help road wear a lot.

nope but being a DUNLOP and at that price you can't go wrong,also that thread pattern looks long wearing.keep us posted

I would be really curios to know if it chunks, and how it wears.

I would be really curios to know if it chunks, and how it wears.

+1 keep us posted on how it holds up.

Dan, I kind of know you from the "other" site, you're Estebans' wingman, right? I was thinking about one of the 908's pretty hard, take a look at the "other" site's thread on xrl's. Winterhawk's got some real world objective observations on 908's performance in Moab. IIRC both guys that used them took them off way before they were due since they found them to be squirelly and unpredictable offroad. I think they were on white rim, so take that for what it's worth as far as "offroad" I just put another michelin baja on just prior to the slap rally, at least I know their limits from memory. Take care, Dean K.

p.s. congrats on the lil one, :applause:

We had them near a year ago here, i mate got one to try front Dunlop.

Had it on his KTM 950 and had 4,500 kms on it and he does get into it when he rides and it looked better than my Mitchelin Desert after 1,500 kms on a 650R.

I tried one and in mud there not that flash, dirt and hard pack and sand hooked the same as a Mitchelin Desert but wears over twice as long.

Tough side walls on the thing too.

My opinion is for all round type stuff a Desert and open stuff 908.

Clearance is not an issue seeing the 650R has a narrow rim, on a KTM 950 the tyre spreads out alot flatter.

Yes Zodran, a bit squirelly and unpredictable. Wears long, no chunking, strong side. IMO better for longer straighter rides (like to Cabo) and not great for more technical riding.

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