New for 07 wr450's ?

I have to agree, they couldn't even get the electic start right the first year on the WR...that's child's play compared to EFI :ride:

if the wr gets the new frame it will also need the 06 yz motor, because the oil tank is in the motor instead of the frame. This also changed the position of the motor. the wr won't get efi as i see it this year because that would be out of character for yamaha.

Experience is why. Almost every street bike that has converted to "fuel Infection" goes through a season of flat or glitchy throttle response until the factory inevitably sorts them out.
Absolutely. We've seen this time after time. For those of us that ride beyond sight of our trucks...let's hope they really sort it out on the moto-squid version first before they bring it over to the WR! :ride:
If the EFI system doesnt come with a laptop and a "map the engine, for dummies" book, then i think most of the users in TT would prefer the carb like it is..

Honestly, i cant see the real benefits of the EFI on a dirtbike..

You're kidding, right? A fuel injected bike will adjust the air fuel ratio automatically to compensate for temp and elevation, the only time you need a "laptop" is when you make changes to the intake or exhaust. I myself would prefer not to open up the float bowl two or three times a year to swap out jets, not to mention adjusting the AP squirt.

As i stated in another post in this thread, i agree that EFI is great.. I also agree that you dont need to touch it unless you are swapping things out on the bike..

I`m not afraid of EFI.. Bring it on! But i think that most of the WR buyers are more familiar with jets, than laptops..

And, when the carb can be cleaned when the bike doesnt run good, the EFI needs a doctor :ride:

MY thoughts are that efi will be great in the dirtbike world, as soon as every shop learns to sort the bikes out for the buyers that wants aftermarket exhaust..

Just found this on Motorcycle news... the YZ wont be getting EFI (so I reckon there's no way the WR will!)

2007 Yamaha YZ450F (pic here)

The first picture has emerged of Yamaha’s 2007 YZ450F motocross bike.

The new bike looks like it has remained largely similar to the 2006 machine but will gain new graphics and wavy discs. It is also likely to get re-valved suspension but the electronic fuel injection that has been rumoured to be on the new bike looks like it won’t be included this time round.



the picture doesn't look like a carb to me :banana: could only be one other thing :ride:

Just found this on Motorcycle news... the YZ wont be getting EFI (so I reckon there's no way the WR will!)
What are the chances the WR doesn't even get the new frame!

Merriman's "WR" is a YZ with a lights. That isn't a WR.

I could care less about EFI. The last thing I want is to have a to carry around a high pressure fuel pump, extra electronics, etc. Just wait till you get stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to diagnose an injector problem. Screw that. The only benefit might be plug and play mapping for an exhaust, which you do once, and the elevation changes, but it's just so not a big deal to change a jet.


I just want a cool aluminum frame.

When do you think we'll find out?

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